Read About South Indian Celebrities who Converted To Islam For Certain Reasons

Over the course of history, individuals from every corner of the globe have, outside of their own religious traditions, found and begun to practice a new source of faith. They are always in the news and earn a great deal of praise for promoting tolerance, respect, and contemporary ideals with regard to other religious traditions.

On the other side, it’s very uncommon for public figures to switch their religious affiliation in order to better align themselves with a certain belief system. They are always in the news and earn a great deal of praise for promoting tolerance, respect, and contemporary ideals with regard to other religious traditions.

When it comes to the movie business, the examples that we’ve seen have mostly come from Hollywood and Bollywood. On the other hand, the Tamil film industry is home to a lot of notable people who were raised in a certain religion but have now converted to another faith.

Religion teaches tenets associated with ‘faith,’ and it is possible for such tenets to evolve through time depending on the conditions. We have seen a significant number of individuals abandoning the religious doctrines they were raised with in order to follow the path of conversion to one of the many different faiths that are practiced today. This shift has been occurring since the beginning of time. You are the only one who can alter what you believe in, and you shouldn’t let the beliefs of others influence you to do so.

Let’s have a look at three South Indian celebrities who become Muslims after converting to the religion:

A.R. Rahman

A.R. Rahman, originally known as Dileep Kumar, is credited for reshaping the landscape of the music business because of his extraordinary ability as a composer and his entrancing singing voice. A.R. Rahman’s mother was a Sufi, but he converted to Islam when his sister was ill and recovered while they prayed to Allah for healing. Because of this, he became known as Alla-Rakha Rahman in 1989 after converting to Islam and changing his name. After some time had passed, he showed it to the rest of the nation.

Yuvan Shankar Raja

A few months ago, Yuvan Shankar Raja disclosed on his Twitter account that he had just converted to the Islamic religion. He finally came to the conclusion that quitting social media was the best course of action after receiving a range of responses from his fans. After the death of his mother, it is reported that Yuvan Shankar Raja made the decision to convert to Islam. Despite this, he has not altered his name as of yet.

My father is a devout Hindu, and he is so superstitious that he would seek a pandit for help even if something as simple as a glass breaks. My parents were both quite religious, but even when I was a youngster I had the ingrained belief that there is some kind of supernatural force that is behind everything and that it is the one in charge of running the world. How is it that God can take any shape? That desire to find something has always been a part of me.

The unexpected death of my mother was the impetus for my personal transformation. My trip to Mumbai was for work-related reasons. When I got back to Chennai, my mother was having a terrible coughing fit, so my sister and I took her to the emergency room as soon as we could. I was the one behind the wheel. Once we arrived at the hospital, I sat next to her and held her hand till the very next second, when her hand suddenly dropped and I realized that she had passed away.

“Although I was sobbing, I couldn’t help but wonder where her soul had gone in those very few seconds, given that she had just moments before been alive. During the time that I spent looking for solutions, I believe that Allah was trying to get in touch with me directly. It was a mystical or religious encounter. My partner had just returned from a pilgrimage to Mecca when he told me, “You look to be terribly down. You can’t keep living in the past. He handed me the prayer mat, which is called a musalla, and he told me, “This one mat I used in Mecca, and it has touched Mecca, so if you are feeling extremely heavy, just sit on it.” I tucked the mat away in a discreet nook of my room and promptly forgot about it. A few months later, as I was having a conversation with one of my cousins about my mother, I suddenly began to feel really weighed down.”As I walked inside my room, I suddenly became aware of the mat that had been sitting in the same nook the whole time, despite the fact that I had entered there by accident. The moment I sat on it for the first time, I immediately began sobbing while begging Allah to pardon my transgressions. That was in the year 2012 I began reading the Quran and various translations of it, and I found that it struck a chord with me very quickly. I began to study Islam and teach myself how to pray, and by January 2014, I was confident in my decision to become a Muslim.

“Since I am recognized in the film industry as Yuvan Shankar Raja, I have not yet changed my name legally in my passport or any of the other papers that include my information; nevertheless, I may do so in the future.” My father was the very last person I told about what happened in my home. I informed him, “I have just begun reading the Quran, and I find that it brings me a great deal of serenity.” ‘Yuvan, I am not comfortable with the idea of you becoming Islamic,’ he told me at one point. My brother and his wife were a wonderful source of encouragement. It’s strange, but for some reason, I always had the impression that my mother was the one who held my hand and told me, “Yuvan, you are all by yourself.” I would want for you to take a position here, under the tree that is Islam. In an interview with the Times of India, Yuvan Shankar Raja made the following statement.


Monica, a well-known actress from South India, had a Christian mother and a Hindu father when she was born. In 2014, she made the decision to become a Muslim, however, she has not discussed the motivation for her decision. Her previous name is no longer in use; she now goes as MG Rehema. After that, she decided to retire from acting.

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