Eight  Small Budget Films That Became Hits Coz You Can’t Fool Audience With Glam & Stars

In recent years, a significant number of Bollywood films with budgets of one hundred crore rupees have been commercially unsuccessful at the box office. Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan and Shamshera could not win the audience’s affection in this drama.

The recent outcomes of high-budget movies provide evidence that the days of enticing an audience just via the appearance of glitz and glamour have ended.

1. Stree

The film Stree, which features Shraddha Sharma and Raj Kumar Rao, was produced on a meager budget of 20 crores. However, the audience was left with such a positive impression of this horror comedy that it broke into the 100-crore club in India with a gross of 130 crores. The success of this movie demonstrates that it is possible to captivate an audience with an original tale, performances that leave an impression, and a high-caliber comedy.

2. Badhaai Ho

Badhaai Ho cost 30 crores to produce and starred Ayushmann Khurrana, Neena Gupta, and Gajraj Rao. The film’s budget was 30 crores. Nonetheless, this film was able to rake in 137.61 crores at the box office because of its incredible narrative, excellent performances, and creative script.

3. Andhadhun

Another one of those surprise hits was this dark comedic thriller. The success of the film, which starred Ayushmann and Tabu, exceeded expectations, bringing in 74.6 crores of Indian rupees against a budget of 32 crores.

4. Kahaani

The film starring Vidya Balan did very well at the box office, surprising everyone. This crime thriller had a production budget of 8 crores, yet it ended up grossing over 104 crores at box offices throughout the globe. This movie is easily one of the best that Bollywood has produced in recent years. It boasts a narrative that is both compelling and attention-grabbing, as well as great performers and screenwriters.

5. Secret Superstar

Despite the fact that the film included performers who were not well-known in their field, it was nonetheless able to generate an unprecedented amount of excitement at the box office. Secret Superstar was produced with a very low budget of 15 crores, yet it nonetheless managed to gather 82 crores in India and 121.59 crores elsewhere across the globe.

6. Hindi Medium

The comedic drama starring Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar was a financial hit because to their performances. At the worldwide box office, the film amassed a staggering total of about 70 crores worth of revenue.

7. Shubh Mangal Saavdhan

The audiences’ feelings were moved to such an extent by this social comedy with a one-of-a-kind plot that the film’s final earnings were over sixty crores of rupees, despite only having a budget of twenty-five crores of rupees.

8. Newton

This fantastic film was produced on a little budget of 15 crores, yet it was well worth the investment. And nobody anticipated that it would become such a success in the year 2017, especially not us. Due to the outstanding performances of the cast and the quality of the writing, this film was able to amass a total lifetime collection of 22.80 crores and was selected as India’s official Oscar submission. both Rajkummar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi had excellent performances.

We are overjoyed that despite their modest means, these films were able to leave their impact on the world. These films demonstrate that directors are unable to deceive audiences by relying only on the glitz and the appearance of so-called celebrities in their casts. We are looking forward to this developing pattern and have high hopes that we will soon be able to see a greater variety of high-quality materials.

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