14 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged But Never Got Married

A wedding is an event that only happens once in a person’s lifetime. It is a ceremony in which two people join their lives in marriage in order to begin a new chapter together. The most magnificent event in the world is a wedding, which is more incredible than any other large ceremony we have ever attended.

Different cultures, religions, and nations all have quite distinctive customs around weddings. Because it requires a significant investment of both time and money, every family will have a very full agenda in preparation for their son or daughter’s wedding.

Marriage is more than simply the coming together of two individuals; it is the coming together of two families. After becoming engaged, it is quite hard to walk away from a relationship abruptly. Celebrities don’t really stand out from the crowd all that much. After their engagement was broken off, they both experienced the same heartbreak.

Following is a list of celebrities who have called off their engagements:

1. Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon

In the 1990s, two of the most talented performers in Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, and Raveena Tandon were one of the most well-known couples in the business and went on to become one of the most successful. At that point in their careers, both of the artists had achieved great success and widespread popularity. There are rumors that both of them started dating after seeing the film Mohra together.

Raveena said that Akshay had promised to marry her when the filming was over, and she mentioned this during an interview. Prior to that, the couple had tied the knot in a religious ceremony. Akshay was afraid of alienating his large following of female fans, so he chose not to recognize his relationship with Raveena in public.

Raveena also discussed the moment that she walked in on Akshay having an affair with Sushmita Sen and Rekha, as well as the manner in which he would approach her.

2. Vivek Oberoi and Gurpreet Gill

Vivek and the supermodel Gurpreet Gill became an item in the year 2000 and began a relationship. They were both very much looking forward to being married, but it turned out that they had to break off their engagement. The success that Vivek had allegedly caused him to become arrogant, and he subsequently altered his viewpoint. After that, he was working on the set of Kyun! Ho Gaya Na when he first met Aishwarya Rai, but their romance didn’t last long and eventually fizzled out.

3. Abhishek Bachchan and Karishma Kapoor

These two young Bollywood stars, Abhishek and Karishma, started dating while working together on the set of the movie Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya. On the occasion of Amitabh Bachchan’s 60th birthday in 2002, the pair announced their engagement to the world. A misunderstanding between the moms ultimately led to the couple breaking up after they had been engaged for a total of four months.

While Abhishek tried to establish himself in the industry, Karishma grew to popularity. In order to provide for her daughter’s well-being in the years to come, Babita made a plea to the Bachchan family for financial support. Because Jaya was unsatisfied with the comment, she decided to break off the engagement.

4. Rakhi Sawant and Elesh Parujanwala

Eight years ago, Rakhi Sawant, who is well-known for her scandals and Bigg Boss appearances, launched a new show called Rakhi Ka Swayamwar in which she was seeking a partner. Out of the other 15 competitors competing on that night, Rakhi Sawant picked a Canadian businessman named Elesh Parujanwala to be her partner.

They did get engaged in the program, but they did not end up getting married. Because of their divergent ideologies and ways of thinking, she decided to break off the engagement, and she utilized the money from the show to purchase an apartment for herself. After then, Elesh disclosed to Rakhi that she was dependent on him for both her employment and her luxury.

5. Ratan Rajput and Abhinav Sharma

During an episode of the reality program Ratan Ka Rishta Television, Ratan Rajput proposed to his co-star Abhinav Sharma, who works as a software engineer in Delhi. Television actress Abhinav took a break from her busy schedule to spend some quality time with her loved ones, including her children and husband.

She broke off the engagement citing her health problems, the significant distance between them, and the fact that their astrological charts don’t align with one another as the primary reason. She also mentioned that they had many problems, but that they were not compatible enough to address them, and that she want to marry someone who would love her for who she is and not change her. She said that she wanted to marry someone who would love her for who she is.

After some time had passed, Abhinav said that he is a guy who has the urge to marry a lady who will be able to spend more time with him than she now does.

6. Mahek Chahal and Ashmit Patel

In August 2017, Mahek Chahal and Ashmit Patel announced their engagement. The pair were said to be making preparations for a joint residence as well as a wedding on their holiday. The couple dated for five years before breaking up in 2020 due to worries about their ability to remain compatible with one another.

7. Charu Asopa and Neeraj Malviya

Charu and Neeraj started dating after meeting on the set of the show Mere Agne Mein. In 2016, they announced their engagement and began making wedding plans for the following year. In spite of this, they were forced to call off their engagement in November of 2017, citing fears over their future together as well as miscommunication. Soon after that, Charu tied the knot with Rajeev Sen.

8. Romit Raj and Shilpa Shinde

In 2009, Bigg Boss star Romit Raj and actress Shilpa Shinde, who is also known for her role in the television show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain, were engaged and started making plans for their wedding. After some time had passed, Shilpa got in touch to say that she wanted to call off the engagement, and after all this time, she was happy with her choice.

According to Shilpa’s mother, Romit and Shilpa had distinct mentalities, and their families were also quite different from one another. Both maintaining long-term relationships and adapting their choices to changing circumstances proved to be very challenging for them.

9. Karan Singh Grover and Barkha Bisht

After meeting each other on the set of Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi, Karan and Barkha started a romantic relationship, which led to their engagement in 2004. Over the course of time, Barkha’s insecurities grew as a direct consequence of Karan’s behavior, and in 2006, the two of them broke up.

10. Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel

Karishma and Upen, who are both Telly stars and participated in Bigg Boss together, got engaged on the reality program Nach Baliye, where they also met each other. They quickly broke up their engagement because of a misunderstanding and a change in how they saw the relationship.

11. Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani

Bollywood star Salman Khan and Sangeeta started dating in the year 1986 and dated for a considerable amount of time. After learning about the disagreements between Salman and Somy Ali, Sangeeta made the decision to put off the wedding, which had been scheduled for May 27, 1994. During an appearance on Koffee With Karan, Salman admitted that he had been unfaithful to Sangeeta.

12. Gauahar Khan and Sajid Khan

The year 2003 was the beginning of Sajid and Gauahar’s relationship. While Gauahar was making her debut and pursuing a career in modeling at the time, Sajid was establishing himself as a leading actor on a hit television program. On the other hand, for reasons that aren’t quite clear, they came to the conclusion that they should break off their engagement.

13. Neil Nitin Mukesh and Priyanka Bhatia

At the beginning of his career, Neil proposed to his designer girlfriend Priyanka Bhatia after the two of them had been together for a total of two years. However, in the end, they decided to break off their engagement because of their respective occupations and certain misunderstandings.

14. Mansi Srivastava and Mohit Abrol

Eight years have passed since Mansi and Mohit began their relationship. In 2016, they took the next step in their relationship and got engaged. However, in the following years, Mohit discovered that Manshi was cheating on him, and in 2019, he made the announcement of their separation on social media.

Last but not least, he told her that he had the best of hopes for her and that he continued to have faith in Karma. Fans become really excited whenever one of their favorite couples gets married. It is important for all of us to keep in mind that famous people are still people.

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