10 Most Expensive Bollywood Sets Ever Will Leave You Speechless!

The amount of money wasted on movies is common knowledge among moviegoers in India, therefore this information is not new to them. We have been producing a large number of costly films, sometimes even more than one every year. While a significant portion of the sum is allocated to marketing and the payment of the cast and crew, constructing the film’s sets is one of the most critical aspects that call for financial investment. These settings provide a sense of believability to the movie and serve as the ideal setting for its narrative. Nonetheless, there are occasions when the sets become very costly, to the point that they become the topic of conversation around the movie.

Here are 10 Bollywood films that had the most expensive sets of all time:

In Pictures: The Most Expensive Bollywood Sets And Their Price Will Leave You Speechless!

The film was originally planned to be filmed in Chittor Fort; but, due to protests and destruction, Sanjay Leela Bhansali was forced to replicate the fort in Bombay, which resulted in an increase in the cost of making the sets.

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