Top Bollywood Films That Will Keep You On the Edge Of Your Seat With Their Suspense And Thrills

Despite your best efforts, it might be quite difficult to get up from your seat before finishing a suspenseful thriller. Despite the abundance of horror films, thrillers are a whole package of conflict, unexpected twists, and suspense that keep you on the edge of your seat. In addition to doubting reality, viewers of thriller movies may also experience anxiety, worry, and confusion. Check out the list of top Bollywood suspense thriller films that we have compiled for you after extensive global research and reading.

Bollywood Suspense Thriller Movies List 2022

1. A Thursday

Behzad Khambata is the author and director of the 2022 Indian Hindi-language suspense thriller film A Thursday. A nursery school teacher called Naina kidnaps 16 children on a Thursday in the city of Mumbai and makes a series of bizarre requests.

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2. Jalsa

A hit-and-run event completely turns the lives of Maya, a well-known journalist, and Ruksana, her domestic worker, upside down.

3. Beast

The central plot of the film is an ex-RAW agent’s mission to free hostages who were taken hostage at a mall by terrorists.

4. James

James, also known as Santhosh Kumar, manages a security company where he encounters some serious bad guys.

5. Kathikeya 2

An expansion of Karthik’s internal conflicts and how he overcomes them in the sequel to the mystic suspense book Karthikeya. He learns about Lord Sri Krishna’s Tatva and the power of the traditional Indian system via his search for the truth.

6. Vikrant Rona

A little hamlet located in the heart of a tropical jungle began to observe some strange occurrences that they began to interpret as supernatural.

7. Hit: The first case

The stakes are raised when Preethi, a young lady, unexpectedly vanishes in Hyderabad. The crime must be solved by all means, and 32-year-old police officer Vikram must also deal with his traumatic past.

8. Cobra

Mathi, also known as Cobra, is a gifted mathematician who is infamous for

9. Cuttputli

Arjan, a police officer, goes out searching for the truth when a little community in his jurisdiction is rocked by the horror of serial murders. While he is out there, he uncovers a dreadful plot.

10. Vikram Vedha

Vikram, a strict law enforcement officer, is looking for Vedha, a person who is known to traffic illegal goods and commit murder, with the assistance of his colleague Simon. Vedha makes changes to Vikram’s life, which leads to friction in their relationship.

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